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To all gourmets! "Taste the Natural Park" is our motto!

Welcome to Restaurant Comte Godefroy!

This style restaurant on 2 floors is located in one of the oldest buildings in Luxembourg (1103) and is part of the oldest fort of Luxembourg (927).
Daughter and son of the house, a former member of the national team of cooks of Luxembourg and their team, do not only present you an excellent French cuisine, but also menus prepared with products of the Luxembourg countryside, the Nature Park Upper Sauer and VUM SÉI products.
At the Restaurant Comte Godefroy, you taste the Natural Park and products from Luxembourg!

Since the creation of the Oewersauer Natural Park in 1990, our house is a member of the Association GOURMET VUM SÉI, an association of restaurants of the Oewersauer Natural Park whose chefs are attached to the regional cuisine and convinced of the quality of our national products.

Their goal: quality from farm to table, buying primary products of locals farmers to help ensure their existence and the future of our children.

Now you can discover the origin of the products in our restaurant book .

Based on the same principle, we have opened our own first regional store with over 90% of all that Luxembourg offers - SCHMAACH EM SEI A MEI in 2010

In our restaurant we offer throughout the year at least six dishes of major regional cuisine, a regional menu as well as Theme Weeks in combination with gourmet arrangements throughout the year.

And do not forget our AM SCHLASSGAARD terrace at the foot of the old castle. (Accessible by elevator)

Enjoy in good weather privileged moments to lunch or dinner. Enjoy the tranquility, nature and the sun sipping a drink or trying one of our ice creams.

Opening hours:

Our restaurant is open all the year from the end of January until mid-December


Every day from 12am till 3 pm and from 6.30 pm till  10 pm

AGENDA : Week theme     Print
26/01 Reopening after vacation
01/02 - 28/02  February in Red, it's Valentine's time! Special Valentine's Menu (throughout the month of February)
03/02 - 05/02  Shrimps unlimited 4 course menu
09/02 - 12/02  Special Valentine's Menu (throughout the month of February)
16/02 - 18/02 Italien Menu unlimited
23/02 - 25/02  Luxembourg Specialities unlimited 5 course menu
02/03 - 04/03  Spare Ribs unlimited 4 course menu
09/03 - 11/03  Frog Legs unlimited
16/03 - 18/03  Mussels unlimited 4 course menu
23/03 - 25/03  Spring Menu Back to Front with tasting of vinegar flavours
30/03 - 02/04  Easter Gourmet Menu
03/04 - 14/04  Opening of the fishing season. River trout in all its variations
20/04 - 10/05  Asparagus Follies
01/05 7th Flea Market in ESCH
11/05 - 31/05  All about Salmon and Asparagus
01/06 - 21/06  Earth and Sea in close Harmony
10/06 Mammendag (Mother Day)
22/06 - 12/07  Delicious Medley of Shrimp
30/06 14th Night of Legends and Trac-o-lac
13/07 - 26/08  Discover our pot dishes
27/08 - 04/09  We are closed!
07/09 - 27/09  Mussels unlimited 4 course menu
28/09 - 18/10  Lobster Festival
07/10 Pappendag (Father's Day)
14/10 - 15/11  Opening of the hunting season - wild mushrooms
16/11 - 18/11  Frog Legs unlimited
23/11 - 25/11  Mussels unlimited 4 course menu
01/12 - 03/12  Spare Ribs unlimited
07/12 - 09/12  Shrimps unlimited 4 course menu
10/12 - 25/01  Annual Closure