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Hello children !

We are there for you. Here you can see what you can do with your kids in our house and all around this region.

What we offer our little friends inside of our hotel:


  • A table to change your kids' napkins
  • Children chairs
  • We are able to warm-up babyfood
  • Menu map for the children
  • Children can paint during the meal
  • Fresh babyfood (porridge)
  • Any-Time MC RONALD'S INN, you get chips and ice-cream
  • Playcorner in the tabroom, where you can also eat with your parents
  • Children's and teamgames in the tabroom
  • Playground outside with natural wood swings
  • Different games to play outside
  • Children seats for the mountainbikes
  • Children mountainbikes
  • A rowboat ashore the river "Sûre" (150 meter)
  • Beds for babys
  • Reductions when the children sleep in the same room as the parents
  • Duplex rooms where children can sleep alone on the first floor.
  • Table-tennis
  • Babysoccer (kicker)
  • Fitness room
  • Billiard table
  • Slot-Race for kids
  • A room with dvd player
  • A nightwalking with torch-lights trough the forest of esch-sur-sure
  • and and and....