Dear customers,

Following a government decision, security measures are to be applied to covid-19.
We regret to announce that the Hotel de la Sûre, the Comte Godefroy restaurant and the Rock Spa Wellness will be closed until 29.03.2020 or further notice.

We suggest that you postpone your stay with us at another next date.
We are always accessible by phone on 00352 83 91 10
or by e-mail:
We hope that this period will be resolved as soon as possible for the benefit of all of us.
Take care of yourself !!!
Sylvia, Bianca, Ronald and the whole team.

Ecology     Print

General environment protection measures

  • Since september 2006 it is illigal to smoke in hotels and restaurants. However, we give you the opportunity to smoke outside on the terrace and in the art gallery 
  • Information given to the customer about saving water and energy
  • Bikes for rent and information about bus timetables
  • Ecological education of our staff: RRR=reduce, recycle, reuse
  • Reutilization of paper and envelopes for internal use


  • The irrigation takes place during the night and is directed via EDV. It is done in form of drops. The installation is covered in order not to block and to be seen when we mow the grass.
  • The hotel has its own herb garden.
  • We use no pesticides that are ecologically hazardous and no synthetic dung.

Washing and cleaning

  • Advice on the changing of the laundry
  • Use of ecological cleaning products in refillable containers
  • We use CFC-free products
  • We use ecological textiles according to the “Öko-Tex-Standard 100”

Machines and installations

  • Balconydoors and windows are double-glazed to keep noises outside
  • The bathrooms are equipped with bath tubs of a small volume and batteries that regulate the water quantity and temperature.
  • Thermostatic limitators and fluxometres in every bathroom
  • Your room key interrupts the energy supply
  • Recovery of heat
  • Use of propane
  • Modern fridges and freezers without CFC, that are checked several times on their consumption
  • BHKW, we produce our energy

Purchase of articles

  • Use of recycled paper and forfeited bottles
  • Taps for beer and refreshing drinks at all our bars
  • We avoid plastic cutlery and cups.
  • We try to buy products with little packing material.
  • We offer open products at our buffets.
  • We use typically regional products “vum Séi”.


  • Selective fetching in order to recycle paper/cardboard, oil, food remainders, batteries, toners and printer cartridges, etc.
  • Glass containers to recycle bottles
If you are interrested to visit our installations, so ask about our son ( Ronald ) who would like to show you all about this.