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The following round ways in the region can put you back both to foot and with the bicycle or even with the car.

Round way of the 5 mills

(prepared in co-operation industry route, Luxemburger Guiden and Scouten mt)

voyage_01In Luxembourg there are Koengsmuehlen since the times of the counts and dukes of Luxembourg.
In contrast to the king mill there was the rule mill, the monastery mill, the city mill, the private mill. With exception of the private mill all different were up to the abolishment of the Feudalismus around 1800 spell mills, in which the subjects had to let their grain grind.
On this round way of the 5 mills with an overall length of 23 km one goes past at 5 mills in the area of the nature park: the mills of Bigonville, Boulaide, Surré, acre village and Lueresmuehle acre village.
Starting point is the Misère bridge (Pont Misère) between Boulaide and acre village. Closer information gets you in the hotel.


Religious round travel (churches and chapels)

On this round way you go past at the most beautiful churches and chapels of the region, among other things from that the 15. Century coming Kiche of Rindschleiden or the 1652 established Pirminkapelle in chewing village.

Closer information gets you in the hotel.


2. World war


Small war museums, monuments, memorials, intending plates, shelters. All this expects you on the round way, that you on the traces 2. World war to move leaves.

There to end 2. World war this region main theater of the happening was, is very interesting this round way and can with an attendance in Bastogne or in the national war museum by Diekirch be connected.